Barbara Spittal

+44 (0)7985 093769

International House,
Bell Lane

Hi, my role within is Broker Liaison. I get to talk to Business Owners about anything and everything and also to customers re: any queries about the Sales process. From time to time I get involved in projects too when another pair of hands is required.

How lucky am I? Having a job that involves talking most of the time (!), working for a young, exciting and forward thinking Global company and sharing my day with some very dedicated and professional Business Owners - couldn’t be better!

My main role, as Boatshed Liaison Manager is to keep in contact with all our Business Owners on a regular basis so that there is a regular communication flow between HQ and all of our Brands – this is key to the success of your brand and the success of the group. We need to ensure that we have an opportunity to discuss with you how we can help you move your business forward and also get feedback from you on all kinds of things!

Life before Boatshed seems soooooo long ago now. Seems ages ago when I made the decision to give up the rat race and put all those large Corporates behind me! Working in IT, primarily in the Customer Service Arena (and yes, sometimes it was certainly an arena!) for companies such as BA, Lloyds Bank, Galileo and Cable & Wireless served me with a wide & varied career that I loved.

But enough was enough, travelling by train, 2 hours each way, long days and 24 x7 callout – it was time to drop out and find something else to keep me out of mischief!! So, I handed in my notice, and took three months off to work out my strategy for the future. I was lucky enough to be offered a position with a local Estate Agent which was a fantastic career change for me as I had always had a passion for houses as well as boats so this kept me amused for a few years(please do not worry, I was NOT a Sales Negotiator(who likes an Estate Agent!!). I looked after clients from the point at which their house went under offer to exchange of contracts, liaising with them, solicitors, Lenders & Surveyors to ensure the process was as seamless as possible! But then John(my Husband) decided to take early retirement, we bought a new boat and vanished up to the West Coast of Scotland for a few years to experience sailing amongst stunning scenery and very challenging waters.

We had both sailed for about 20 years, firstly on friend's boats and then owning a part share in a Westerly which we sailed around the Solent, occasionally venturing to cross channel to France & Channel Islands so we were ready for more adventures. In 2003, we bought Kara, a Bavaria 36 to take us up to Oban where we lived for 5 years. During this time we sailed around the Western Isles, visiting many beautiful and remote places – the best sailing area in the world you know! The arrival of grandchildren saw us sailing South again in 2008 and we settled in Eastbourne. We have now sold our Bavaria and invested in a third share of another one – in Turkey this time. After our adventures in Scotland we now enjoy warmer waters!!

In the process of selling our Bavaria and looking for something else before making the decision to buy in Turkey, we came across Boatshed and somehow ended up working as agents for Boatshed Sussex for a couple of years. I was then offered a job in HQ admin and have now moved into Boatshed Liaison. is growing fast –a global organisation with colleagues all over the world and so we are very keen to ‘bring everyone closer’ to HQ and make everyone feel more of a team. I have a variety of roles, one of which is to keep in touch with as many as possible on a regular basis, give everyone the opportunity to raise any concerns of issues they have in moving their business forward and identify anything necessary that can be done to improve things (I will also accept the odd snippet of positive feedback if available!!).

I am very lucky that I never have to do a full week - contracted to work part time. If you are struggling for assistance (or just feel like a chat), then don’t hesitate to call. I won’t promise to solve the problem but hopefully I can advise you on whom to contact (that is, of course, just so long as your query cannot be answered by raising a Support Form!!). I look forward to talking to you.