A PROVEN BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY – Boatshed Franchise/License owners make sales and earn commissions on an exclusive territory.

The market for used boats is booming, according to statistics from the International Council for Marine industries. A Boatshed Franchise/License opens the access to this market for you. Join Boatshed, with a full-scale franchise providing everything you need to operate profitably in the used-boat sales business.

"I thoroughly recommend becoming a Boatshed franchisee. I own and run a profitable franchise using Boatshed’s excellent systems and software. Everything a broker needs is provided, and much more, with attention to detail, effective problem solving support and innovative services. Boatshed’s name and reputation attract quality boats and buyers and their sales platform is, frankly, the best in the business."

Graham Wharmby
Franchisee, Boatshed Bourgogne, France

For Full details and information on running a Boatshed Franchise visit www.boatshedbusiness.com