Friends of Boatshed

At Boatshed we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to ensure the process of buying and selling a boat is as easy as possible for our customers. We love to work with marine businesses locally, nationally and globally.

If you are a Marine Company who shares our ethos and who like us, put your customers' needs first, then you could be joining our new Friends of Boatshed scheme.

Joining our Friends of Boatshed scheme is free and based on the simple mutual understanding that we refer customers to you – and you refer boat sellers to us!

  • Your benefits as a Friends of Boatshed business
  • Customer quote requests issued directly to you from the specific boats they are interested in.
  • Membership of our Refer a Boat scheme where you earn 20% of the broker’s commission on each sold boat you have referred
  • Press release, social media content and opportunity to collaborate on marketing initiatives
  • Regular feedback on statistics and activity.
  • Association with our worldwide brokerage brand
  • Your company description and logo placement on our website with links from relevant boats.
  • A true partnership that does not charge fees or costs but relies on mutual help and assistance.
  • We hope our Friend of Boatshed businesses will:
  • Refer an agreed number of boats per month through our Refer a Boat scheme so that you can benefit from 20% of the commission.
  • Provide exceptional service to our customers.
  • Work closely with our brokers to ensure both parties maximise on the relationship.
  • Communicate regularly with Boatshed HQ providing feedback and review new ideas.
  • Add a link to in a prominent position on your website .
  • We are looking for marine service providers that can offer their services on a local, national or global basis in the following areas:
  • Moorings & Marinas
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Electrical
  • Equipment
  • Interior
  • Maintenance & Mechanical
  • Rigging
  • Sail Makers
  • Training & Sea Schools

What we know so far....

Boatshed has over 1,000,000 registered customers who can access the Friends of Boatshed system. The data shows these customers are researching a wide range of necessary products and services relating to the boat they are considering purchasing.

Enquires for our Friends of Boatshed are routed automatically by Boatshed’s secure platform, along with key information about the boat in question and buyers details, meaning a discussion between customer and supplier regarding specific requirements can take place immediately.

Friends of Boatshed is a new enhanced version of our previous very successful Preferred Partners system that has generated thousands of enquiries for marine companies over the past 3 years. We know it works!

Based on the 21,000+ boats we have sold we know a successful buyer of a used boat will spend an average of 6 - 10 hours on Boatshed doing research (we have customers who spend hundreds of hours on the platform also but many of these are still yet to buy a boat).

Boatshed allows no advertising or promotional activity by 3rd parties on it's websites. Our business model is based solely on selling boats and charging commission. Friend of Boatshed is restricted to companies and suppliers we choose. No fees, just mutual help is the deal.

Our research indicates that the cost of a comparative link or advert on other marine websites, who do offer advertising, ranges from £575 to £1300 per month.

Our data shows boat buyers spend about 20% of the price of the boat on products and services within the first 12 months of ownership.

Friends of Boatshed is officially launched soon but we are undertaking trials now and we have had lots of interest from our existing Preferred Partner companies. Spaces in each marine service category are limited as we change over to the new Friend of Boatshed systems.

Friends of Boatshed arrangements are usually non-exclusive - as customers, in our experience, always want a number of quotes - but we manage partner relationships so that we only promote a small group of overlapping, leading businesses, which we then highly recommend. We also make sure that the products and services of local partners are directed to areas where those businesses actually operate.

If you are a marine business interested in joining the Friends of Boatshed Scheme, please contact us on