As you may have seen in our earlier blog - Jeanne set off on her non-stop around the World sail on October 19th only to have to turn back after serious storm damage on October 29th - here is the latest instalment in her journey to retain the Guinness World Record.

At 14:50 local time on Sunday 13th November, S/V Nereida was towed by Prince of Whales to Ogden Point, Victoria Harbour, Canada where Jeanne's worldwide sail recommenced.

A few people have asked why she has to be towed - this is because Nereida's engine has to be sealed until her return.

There was very little wind after Jeanne was unhooked and there was a slight risk of Nereida being pushed onto Race rocks. A sleepless night ahead as Jeanne tended the sails and kept clear of the shipping channels. It was a slow night, but Nereida kept moving and in 24 hours Jeanne had passed Cape Flattery.

Over the next few days the wind picked up, then dropped off. Squalls came and went and Jeanne managed to get soaked and nearly lost her hat. There was also another problem....

"I noticed one batten end was adrift - not connectedd to mast track slide which looks to have lost its pin and possibly the tape used also....While winching in genoa, spotted a familiar pin lying on port side close to deck drain - from batten end slide - how lucky!! With second reef in, and a lull in the wind, I was able to get a good look at the batten end-to-mast-track-slide connection. All there (metal connector, no tape used, TG) but a ring holding pin in place had gone missing - so many times recently rings holding something in place have disappeared or turned totally rusty - clearly not strong or well-designed enough for the job..."

Jeanne Socrates

Over the weekend battled again with high seas and strong winds. Thankfully the winds seems to have calmed although there has been one slippery problem onboard...

It's been so very difficult to move around safely, especially since the cabin sole is slightly wet with water and a touch of olive oil. I landed on the floor when I tried to check on our heading and wind direction....fortunately not badly but was a good reason to stay mainly in my leeward bunk!"

Jeanne Socrates

We continue to watch Jeanne's journey - if you would like to see more yourself, then please follow here blog here.