Do you work with boats? Are you in the marine industry or a boatyard or a marina or any job that puts you into regular contact with boat owners? Or do you just love boats and know lots of others who do?

We’re looking for people like you, and we offer you a new opportunity in making referrals. Make a referral to Boatshed and earn a substantial reward.

We make sales faster than most other brokers, because our cutting-edge technology matches up buyers and sellers rapidly and accurately. So it you make a referral to us, you have a very good chance of a sale with Boatshed.

All that is required is to enter the name of the boat, the owner’s name, and the referrer’s name on Boatshed’s online platform. The platform tracks the sales process, and, if the sale goes through, the referrer receives up to 2.5 per cent of the boat selling price.

The entire process is transparent, and you are kept informed via email of all developments. Just Log in or Register on, and then fill in the Referral form at “My Boatshed”

So, if you know of a boat for sale, just fill in the form with the owner’s name, your name, and the boat’s name. That’s all you have to do -- Boatshed does the rest.

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