Building on its credo of “transparency through technology”, Boatshed is planning to transform new boat sales by bringing buyers and vendors closer together – no matter where they are in the world.

Boatshed has pioneered its special combination of transparency, technology and teamwork for nearly two decades – resulting in the sale of more than 20,000 used boats. This winning formula is now being rolled out for new boat sales.

It’s bringing more dynamism to the global arena of new boat sales. Vendors and buyers want to take advantage of the application of emerging technologies – and Boatshed is proud to be leading the way for them

says Boatshed’s CEO Neil Chapman.

Technology that’s proven to sell boats faster

Having tested the content and architecture successfully on a Beta basis, Boatshed is now launching its 'New Boat' system. Built around Boatshed’s established transparency-information marketing model, it’s supported with reviews, extensive boat information and research, to create a valuable information resource for people researching new boats.

Plug your new boats into the largest worldwide network

Alongside these technologies is Boatshed’s own experienced community, located in our network of offices in more than 70 locations. We can feature a new boat for sale across any of our locations in 16 countries.

Inter-office commission sharing and full control on where new boats are advertised creates a bespoke and new sales introduction channel. Boatshed brokers can introduce clients via their website or in person – and our platform tracks customers and then awards commission automatically when a boat sells.

Pay only on a successful sale

An important feature of Boatshed’s ‘New Boat’ system is that once a detailed set of information has been compiled, then the whole system works on Boatshed’s principle of no sale, no fee and a commission only system. From a new boat manufacturer’s perspective, finding new customers in new areas is simply a case of not paying for anything unless there is a sale.

Virtual worldwide dealership model

For many new boat builders this system could serve as a valuable alternative, or addition to, attending boat shows or setting up a standard Dealership Network.

Find out how our New Boat system could help you – with an email to: