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Worldwide logistics firm, PSP, was carefully selected by Boatshed.com as a preferred supplier to provide worldwide boat transportation services. Whether you need a quotation to move a yacht from Bristol to Norfolk or Shanghai to Southampton, PSP can help.

At PSP we take care of every part of your transportation requirements offering you support and guidance throughout the process. You will get assigned an account manager who will assist with quotations, offering you options to best suit your time demands and budget and making sure all your expectations are reached.

When it comes to boat transportation there are many options available by road, sea and even air. For movements within the UK, road freight is the most viable option. However, for road transport, we are restricted to a maximum height of 4.8m so do keep that in mind. Anything bigger would need to be delivered by sea.

We have several different choices of carriers to use depending on the size and the destination of your yacht. LOLO (Lift on Lift Off) is normally used for larger yachts. The vessel is loaded by bringing the yacht alongside or to the quayside. They are then lifted out of the water, placed on a shipping cradle and securely fastened and lashed to the deck. With this method the yacht can be transported with the mast up and the keel on, saving preparation time and costs.
RORO (Roll on Roll Off) vessels have built in ramps to allow cargo to be rolled on and off and are designed to carry wheeled cargo. They are just like a huge floating car park. We can also load yachts onto a flat rack container (a container without sides) and load onto a container ship so you can see there are many options available. Your PSP representative will be in regular contact with you throughout the process.

Depending on the route and size of the boat, costs will vary considerably, so, to give you an idea of approximate costs; here are some examples and each of the costs is based on the yacht departing from Southampton.

When planning your shipment please be aware and consider the transit times. We will research and source the correct sailing to meet your schedule. As an indication though here are some examples of transit times:

  • UK – Sydney 41 Days
  • UK – Baltimore US 13 Days
  • Germany – Turkey 15 Days
  • Dubai – Thailand 16 Days
  • Sydney – Miami 41 Days

PSP has the first marine transport alliance - The PSP Alliance. This means we have an international network of specialist marine freight forwarders ensuring you benefit from local knowledge and support at each end. All loadings and unloadings are supervised by PSP.

If you have any questions please do get in touch with us.


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