These days there are lots of ways for an owner to try and sell a boat, from advertising it on Ebay or in a local newspaper, to handing it over exclusively to a professional broker. Nevertheless, at Boatshed we remain firmly of the view that the best option for selling a used boat continues to be!

So, why use Boatshed?

We shall present your boat for sale more effectively than you, or the competition, could do.

This is not an idle boast. We have spent the last 15 years understanding exactly what attracts interest in a used boat for sale and how to effectively channel that interest into boat sales. Transparency of information about a boat is a key philosophy at Boatshed. We have learnt that there is really no point pretending that a particular boat is something other than what it is - big or small; old or new; tired or tidy; in mint condition or in need of repair - or seeking to disguise or ignore any less appealing characteristics when marketing it for sale. All that does is mislead prospective buyers who, as they inevitably discover more about the boat, lose interest in it, wasting everyone’s time, effort and money.

Our approach is to capture for prospective buyers all of the information about a boat that we know they really want, in a standardised format enabling them to compare similar boats, and then present that complete picture of the boat online, in a fast, efficient, easily digestible and memorable format, accessible from anywhere at anytime on any IT device.

To achieve that, we use a combination of a suite of HD boat photographs, HD video footage, comprehensive boat specifications, descriptions and broker comments (and increasingly, IPAs - independent Pre-Sale Assessments of boats).

Most brokers take some photographs of the boats they sell; usually between, say 5 or 10 random images. First, we train our brokers how to take professional photographs of boats and equipment, and then we make sure that they compile a complete and thorough ‘overview photo catalogue’ of every part of a boat, within a standardised format, by taking typically 80 plus high quality photographs of the boat and her equipment. Unlike other brokers, we don’t set-up or pose artificial images of a boat (eg a saloon table laid out for an idealised dinner, with a perfect chequered tablecloth and fluffy cushions, etc.). Our photographs seek to record accurately the boat as she really is. We photograph the bilges; show the condition of keel bolts; photograph the inside of the anchor locker; show the state of the engine housing and battery compartment; photograph the heads and inlet/outlet piping, etc.,as well as recording visually every other relevant detail of the boat that a buyer will be interested in. Our aim is to present enough clear and transparent information about the boat to enable a prospective buyer viewing the boat images online to be able to make an informed decision whether or not to pursue an interest in the boat. Trying to ‘manufacture’ viewings for the sake of viewings does not sell boats. Hoodwinking prospective buyers into travelling to view a boat, which turns out to be rather different ‘in the flesh’ to the boat portrayed by the broker’s photographs/video footage/description, is a complete waste of time for both sellers and buyers. At Boatshed, almost always the first person who views a boat we have for sale, will buy it. Our transparent approach successfully matches boats to buyers, in a way that no other broker achieves.

How we photograph boats and use HD video footage, our detailed boat specifications and our use of IPAs, together provide the most complete and thorough overview available of a used boat for sale. This approach is the best way to attract mass attention for a boat and focus interest from serious buyers.

We attract more online interest in used boats advertised for sale than anyone else that we know of

We have over 650,000 registered buyers looking at boats for sale on our websites. We get 210,000 unique visitors each month. These are not just statistics. This and the other data collected from our websites, tells us that many hundreds of thousands of people review the boats we have advertised for sale. For many, we are the first place to go to when looking for a used boat. Such is the scale of our brand and platform that it is no exaggeration to say that just about everyone who is looking for a used boat will pretty quickly view boats on our websites. That level of market penetration is unrivalled amongst other brokers.

One of the reasons why we attract so many people to our websites is that they are so easy to use, particularly when compared to the sometime clunky and slow websites offered by other brokers. is the ‘smartest’, most effective online boat sales platform available today

This has not happened by chance or coincidence. Our strategy from day one has been to develop and maintain the best used boat sales platform in the world. 15 years of development and over £3 million of capital investment has produced and our connected local sites; an online platform that not only clearly and comprehensively presents in detail each boat we advertise for sale, but provides registered buyers with options and services designed to channel with maximum effect any interest displayed in a particular type, model, make or specific boat.

Most online boat sales platforms are nothing more than static lists of adverts. does much more than that. Our system continuously monitors activity and the observational patterns of registered users with the sole aim of directing buyers to boats that match their requirements time and time again. Our system takes the effort out of searching for a used boat. We can reliably figure out what kind of boat or boats a registered user is interested in and then keep on presenting matching boats to that user. As the user’s focus narrows or shifts, we can follow those changes.

To achieve this and keep at the cutting edge of technology, we retain our own full time IT development consultancy, who have worked with us for the past 10 years. Our development team are constantly coming up with ways to make our platform and systems even faster, better and more user friendly.

All of this endeavour and ingenuity has a single purpose; to make it as easy as possible for prospective buyers to quickly identify, source and assess boats they are interested in buying, so that we can firmly match boats to buyers without delay. In our view that is the main purpose of a online sales platform.

What we have discovered is that transparently marketing used boat for sale + a super smart platform that maximises interest displayed in a boat = the fastest boat sales.

We sell boats faster than anyone else

We do! That’s a fact. According to independent sales data obtained by Yacht World, we sell boats twice as quickly as other broker, and we sell a lot of boats; over 1000 each year.

As well as a key industry benchmark, most of our owners tell us that once the time comes to sell, they want to sell their boats reasonably quickly; whether to halt running costs, raise funds or to be able to move onto to their next boat, most owners want to find a reliable buyer quickly, within minimum fuss and expense.

We won’t tie you-in or over charge you

Plenty of brokers prefer to operate on exclusive listing agreements. We prefer to operate on non exclusive terms, allowing you to list your boat with Boatshed and, if you wish, with another broker as well, or to try and sell the boat yourself. We are not afraid of competition and generally will find you a buyer before a rival broker manages to do so.

We charge nothing upfront for our services. If we don’t sell your boat you pay nothing. We bear all of the advertising costs etc. When we do sell your boat we charge commission, but only commission at the standard rate recommended by the BMF (British Marine Federation).

We are a boating business run by people for people

Alongside our online platform is a team of expert brokers (currently over 120, in 66 locations worldwide), all of whom a highly knowledgeable about boats, boats sales and their local used boat markets. Our brokers work on commission, so it is in their interests to work hard to find you a serious buyer as quickly as possible. Our brokers strive to provide a professional, quality service to our customers. Very many owners come back to us time and time again to sell their different boats and most people who buy a boat from us, ask us to sell it for them when the time comes. We take great pride in these relationships and the quality customer service we provide.

So, why not try Boatshed?