Refer a boat and earn up to 20% of the brokers commission

What you can earn

*Based on 20% of broker commission

Here's how it works...


Make sure you are registered with Boatshed – this is quick, easy and free. Then copy the unique referral link and share it with anyone who might want to sell their boat.


On receiving your referral, we will contact the boat owner in order to list the boat. We'll handle all the marketing, viewings, negotiations, and paperwork, so the seller can relax and focus on other things. Our goal is to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.


We will confirm with you if the boat has been listed as some boats are not suitable for our service.


On the successful sale of the boat you’ll be rewarded with your share of the commission.

No selling required
No risk involved
No financial outlay on your part

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You’ll be assigned a unique referral link. Share this link and you’ll be paid commission on any referrals now and in the future.


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If you are new to Boatshed and don’t have a My Boatshed account, you first need to register with us. This is quick, easy and free!


Still got some questions?

Read through our FAQs and you will hopefully find the answers you are looking for. If you still need some more information or advice about referring boats, just send us an email to and we’ll get back to you.

Anyone registered as a customer on the Boatshed platform can make a referral.

Boatshed charges industry standard commission rates between 8% and 10% of the final selling price of the boat, which is comparable to other brokers. Referral commission is only paid on standard commission rates.

A referral listing request is valid for two months (60 days). Therefore the boat must be listed for sale on Boatshed within this 60-day period. Otherwise, the referral becomes invalid.

There is no limit to the number of boats you can refer to Boatshed.

Yes, you can refer your own boat. If the listing is accepted and the boat is sold, you will receive a 20% discount as your referral reward.

The individual Boatshed office or franchise will decide whether they wish to list the boat for sale. A broker can choose to accept or decline the referral and can only list the boat if they accept it.

Any boat size and value are acceptable for the referral system. However, referral commissions are typically awarded for boats valued at €25,000, GBP, USD, and above.

Once the boat is sold, you will receive your commission payment. Our referral system tracks the referral from listing to sale and keeps you informed of progress along the way.

No, you can refer a boat from anywhere in the world. You will receive your commission when the boat sells as long as Boatshed can list it.

A non-exclusive listing means your boat can be listed with multiple brokers and also advertised privately.

Yes, Boatshed offers non-exclusive listing contracts, so you can list your boat with another broker as well.

Yes, our non-exclusive listing contract allows you to advertise your boat privately.

Absolutely! Many of our best referrers are existing marine businesses and websites that refer their clients to us, earning an ongoing income stream from our referral scheme.

Many internet influencers use the Boatshed referral system as a consistent income stream. Companies, individuals, and owners' associations also use their unique referral links to gain referrals from their websites and social media channels.

'Rack rate' is the standard commission charged by any Boatshed office. Referrals are valid if the boats are listed at the agreed commission rate with that particular office.

You earn up to 20% of the commission, which means, for example, we would pay you $2,000 for a $100,000 boat sale (based on 10% total commission paid to the Boatshed broker).

Boatshed was the first company to put used boats online in 1999. Since then, we have successfully sold nearly 25,000 boats across almost 100 locations.

Boatshed sells a wide range of boats, from small power and sailboats to large sailing and motor yachts.

Boatshed prides itself on selling boats quickly; sometimes, boats sell in just a few days. On average, across the Boatshed group, it takes just over 90 days to sell a boat. You receive your referral commission when the boat is sold.

Over time, we have introduced various incentives for individuals referring boats to us. Listings play a vital role in the Boatshed business, and as such, we offer what we consider to be a generous commission. Our custom-built technology and platform are designed to enhance boat sales efficiency in the marketplace. The generous referral commission aligns with our business strategy, which emphasises the importance of obtaining more listings. We acknowledge that collaborating with our referral partners is a crucial aspect of achieving this goal.
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