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If you know a boat owner who is looking to sell a boat or works with boats, then here's a great opportunity to earn some extra money. Introduce a used boat to Boatshed for us to include on our listings - and we'll pay you up to 20% of the broker commission.
It's our way of thanking you for your contribution in bringing boat vendors and buyers together.

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The first time you refer a boat, you’ll be assigned a Personal Referral Code that will be used to track your referrals right up to when we pay you your commission on each sale.

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Why it makes sense to sell through Boatshed

From our first boat sale in 1999, we’re now one of the world’s largest yacht brokers, selling more boats – faster – than traditional brokerages. That’s good news for you and the boat owner who you’re representing.

Our knowledge, experience and transparent approach to the way we do business underpins our position as an industry leader.

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Enjoy all the benefits that Boatshed brings to brokerage

Track Record

More than 20,000 boats sold – on average 1,000 boats every year.


Global presence with more than 70 Boatshed offices around the world.


We visit every boat prior to listing and personally accompany all viewings.

Professional Listings

Hundreds of images plus videos and VR created by our team for every listing.


Our industry-leading technology intuitively matches buyers to sellers.


More than 880,000 registered Boatshed users looking for boats.


In excess of 280,000 unique website visitors every month.


'Through Boatshed Pay, all transactions are processed through secure client accounts.


Customer-focused through our HQ team and 156 brokers globally.

Get seen in more places

Listing a boat for sale on the Boatshed platform means broadcasting to the largest possible audience. Our automatic data syndicates details of the boat you are promoting to our preferred MLS portals to create even better opportunities to sell the boat.

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What is a referral?

Where a boat is listed for sale within two months upon receipt by Boatshed of a referral by a Referrer through a Scheme.

When will I get paid?

Within 21 days of the sale of that boat and receipt in full of commission by Boatshed and upon presentation of a valid invoice by the Referrer, Boatshed shall pay to the Referrer the Commission.

When will I get paid?

By submitting a Referral the Referrer (you) confirms that he/she/it has the permission of the Referee (the person you are referring) to provide to Boatshed the Referee’s details, and that the Referrer is the legal owner of, or holds legal authority to sell that boat.'

How much can I earn?

You can earn up to 20% of the brokers commission

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