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Haines Hunter has been at the cutting edge of this country's fibreglass trailer boat builders for some time.
Indeed over the years this Queensland-based manufactuer has played an integral role in the evolution of Aussie craft, and played its part in ensuring a continuity of superior boats for local consumers.
Haines Hunters 570SF Champion has had the forward flare of the bow lowered enhancing bow recovery in a short, deep sea.
The chine has been widened five centimetres to improve stability @ rest.
At the stern, a short planing plank allows the boat to slip quickly up onto the plane & further enables the boat to ride flat through choppy conditions.
The SF 5.7m Champion can be towed by the family six cylinder car, efficiently runs on 115 - 150HP engines & can adequately handle the whole family out on the water or the 'Boys' for an offshore fishing trip.

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