Will it be YOU!

Boatshed's independant database continues to grow at a fantastic pace, over 98,000 people have currently signed up as Boatshed customers.

"We hope to be annoucing the name of "BS100000" at the Southampton Boatshow" says Founder of Boatshed Neil Chapman.

How do Boatshed get so many customers to sign up ?

"The key to Boatshed's rapid increase in numbers is the fact that customers are in control, by looking at all the information and up to 65 photos of each boat, they get a really good impression of what the boat is like"
"Remember, unlike other brokers, Boatshed go onboard every boat we are selling, meeting with the owners, taking all the photos, getting a clear understanding of each boat. Boatshed systems simply give potential buyers more confidence before they travel” says Neil.