In the UK, a referendum has resulted in a vote to leave the European Union.

Despite this news and the potential concerns this may bring in relation to the sale of boats, we remain fully committed to developing our European business and selling more and more boats across Europe.

Boatshed is a modern "distributed organisation" with offices, infrastucture, and assets based in locations across the UK, Europe and the USA. We have a proven track record in selling boats locally, nationally and internationally. We are proud to have developed business processes and technology that have thrived in challenging times and changing market conditions.

International Currency, Contracts, Translation, SEO, Data storage, Access, Logistics, Service etc. are just some of the business, technical and process challenges that have always been key features of Boatshed. A fanatical ongoing focus on these elements will continue to give us the edge over our more tradional competitors.

It is business as usual today, but Boatshed stands united with it's European business partners and customers and we are very confident that the challenges of this new landscape will create more opportunities for us as a company, selling more and more boats.

Neil Chapman - Founder