Boatshed Charter Boat Sales Process

The Boatshed Charter Boat Sales Process is a new system for the seamless and effective selling of charter boats. Boatshed runs an effective and well-known brokerage service across 70 locations, from the US across Europe and to Phuket in Thailand. Its Charter Boat Sales Process caters specifically for the effective and efficient disposal of charter boats. It’s a no win no fee service, operates on a non-exclusive basis, meaning charter companies can continue to sell the boats themselves or to work with their established existing brokerage contacts.

Boatshed utilising its technology in large reach facilitates a simple process whereby inspection and initial selection of a charter boat occurs while the charter boat is still working. The sales process is set by the charter company with a specific release date and purchase date to make sure that it fits with the charter companies’ bookings and operating window, but equally, enables the charter company to make an important decision on whether to replace boats in their fleet that they know have sold by specifying specific times when a vessel can be viewed, when it’s available for sale and when a purchase must be completed by. Boatshed can effectively and easily dispose of boats within careful dates and parameters enabling charter companies to make a much more informed choice as to which vessels they sell when and to easily facilitate the purchase of new vessels.

Any boats listed under the Boatshed Charter Boat Sales Process take advantage of all of Boatshed’s technology and brokerage reach but also contractually enable flexibility from the charter companies. It’s advantageous to buyers because whilst a buyer may have to wait until the end of a season to buy a boat, it enables buyers to purchase boats at a significant saving compared to market value.

The Boatshed Charter Boat Sales Process enables charter companies to better plan on when to replace vessels and gives them security in the ability to know that old vessels will be sold prior to a new boat being purchased. It gives buyers of boats the ability to better understand the boats they are buying and also to potentially buy boats at an agreed, more attractive market value. The system also gives the ability for charter companies to promote potentially interested buyers at an early stage and potentially offer discounted charter weeks during quiet periods to test out and evaluate boats.