The Boatshed ketch gets quite a bit of use and this season is no exception,
visiting Boatshed locations, attending Boatshed events and generally serving as Neil and Mandy Chapman's personal floating island.
Sometimes the stress of pre-season lift out. wash off and antifouling can make this nautical lifestyle a little less enjoyable. Sealift helps remove some of these hassles.
Mandy and Neil have always been big fans of the Sealift facilities. "We have been using these machines for many years and have always found the experience much less stressful than cranes, hoists or drying against a wall" says Neil. "Drive the boat in and let buoyancy do the work, you can sit back with a coffee and enjoy the view. It's a bit like going to the carwash!" is how Mandy Chapman describes it.

Neil and Mandy have owned s/v Supertaff, a 1976 Rebel 42, since 1996.
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