After a grueling few days at the coal face of computer technology Neil & Mandy Chapman along with David Fryer & Jon Dyer have completed the first stages of training and set up of . David and Jon have a long history in the field of boats, David runs a super yacht finishing company and Jon has restored and skippered yachts here in Viareggio, Tuscany.

Neil & Mandy have been training David and Jon on a range of topics.
Jon comments, “ Dave phoned me when I was on board the yacht I skipper to say the Boatshed Crew were in town, lets meet up at the yacht club for a beer after work, and by the way can we photo my boat for training purposes? My reply was yes to both and the afternoon was spent cleaning! The following days were spent at Daves house, which looked more like a cyber cafe with all our computers and cameras. And the Training – paswords, customers, clicks per second, international, local, PDF, Policy, we covered everything. Mandy & Neil's enthusiasm for their
business has been very inspiring, I can see why Boatshed is the worlds biggest second hand yacht brokerage.

PS. Did I mention 335,000 registered users?!