A PROVEN BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY – Boatshed Partnerships enable entrepreneurs to run a successful boat-sales operation within an exclusive territory, working alongside the Boatshed HQ Team.

  • Business in a box model, includes everything you need to start sell boats immediately.
  • Joint Venture approach with 50/50 share of all revenue.
  • Absolutely no start up costs or ongoing fees.
  • Clear partnership responsibilities sharing all processes and workload.
  • Standard Boatshed business format with exclusive territory.
  • Ideal for companies and individuals who want to sell boats with the backup of a large organisation undertaking all the back office administration, marketing, client funds management and legal roles.
  • Full use of Boatshed technology, data, network and know-how.
  • Training, mentoring and ongoing support from a dedicated senior broker "wing-man".
  • Ideal additional business to fit alongside existing marine companies.
  • Born online in 1999 with 24,000 boats sold.
  • World leading technology, processes, data analysis, machine learning.

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"I thoroughly recommend becoming a Boatshed Partner. I own and run a very profitable business using Boatshed’s excellent systems and software. Everything a broker needs is provided, and much more, with attention to detail, effective problem solving support and innovative services. Boatshed’s name and reputation attract quality boats and buyers and their sales platform is, frankly, the best in the business."

Graham Wharmby
Boatshed Bourgogne, France

For Full details and information on running a Boatshed Franchise visit www.boatshedbusiness.com