The team from Boatshed Plymouth has pledged their support to Colin Merry and Martin Hayne as they set out to cross the channel in a 22’ Fox Terrier to raise money for the cancer ward at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.

Colin was recently diagnosed with lymphoma, cancer of the immune system and Martin has diabetes and a heart problem so the two of them joke that they are a sailing doctor’s surgery! They aim to cross the Channel in 25 hours, spend the night and then return the next day. The reason for the tight turn-around is that these guys are also holding down full-time jobs as well as being needed at home for the chores. They are looking for a weather slot this week and time is definitely of the essence.

Josh Flavell from Boatshed Plymouth was so impressed after hearing about their endeavours that he immediately gave money to the project along with the promise of a bit of famous Boatshed PR to raise awareness to the wider world (that’s this bit!)

Support has been flooding in from all corners of the sailing fraternity including help from Ellen Macarthur, Dee Caffari, Pete Goss and Conrad Humphreys which has brought in everything from clothes to flare packs to light bulbs – all essential on an adventure of this nature.

The whole Boatshed team wish Colin and Martin safe sailing. For further information and to support the voyage – please get in touch with the team supporting Captain Chemo (his choice of nickname - not ours!) Challenge and Adventure