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About Neil Chapman

Neil Chapman: Founder and CEO of

What is Boatshed?
Boatshed is a pioneering yacht brokerage that has been revolutionizing the traditional boat sales industry for over 25 years by blending local, personalized service with the extensive reach of an international platform. Each listing on Boatshed undergoes a meticulous quality control process, ensuring detailed and accurate information, including high-resolution photos and videos. Our robust registration system enhances user experience by streamlining access to boat details, tailored searches, and user preferences. The Boatshed website not only attracts significant traffic but also engages users with its comprehensive functionalities, making it an essential tool for both buyers and sellers in the global yacht marketplace.

Early Beginnings in Family Business
Neil Chapman's journey in the world of business and entrepreneurship began in his childhood, deeply rooted in a family business that spanned various sectors. From a young age, Neil was involved in the family's ventures, which included boat building, hotels, property development, post office franchising, and convenience stores. This diverse exposure laid the foundation for his robust understanding of business operations and customer service.

A Lifelong Passion for Sailing
Neil's love for sailing and boats was not just a pastime but a defining part of his life. His sailing adventures began in 1994 with "Kymouthoe," an old plywood 21-foot sloop. Despite its age and quirks, this boat was Neil's gateway to numerous voyages along the UK and Irish coasts.
In 1996, he upgraded to "Supertaff," a 1976 Rebel 41 ketch, marking a significant milestone in his sailing journey.
These experiences not only deepened his connection with the sea but also provided invaluable insights into the nuances of boat ownership and maintenance.

The Birth and Growth of Boatshed
Realizing the need to financially support his sailing passion, Neil founded For nearly 25 years he has been the driving force behind the company, focusing on innovation and customer-centric services.
Boatshed, under Neil's leadership, has grown into a globally recognized name in yacht brokerage, known for its unique blend of traditional values and modern technology.

Embracing Technological Advancements
In recent years, Neil has been instrumental in integrating Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Boatshed's operations. This strategic move has revolutionized the boat sales market by:
Leveraging Big Data:
Boatshed harnesses big data for deep market insights, enabling precise valuations and tailored marketing strategies.Implementing AI: AI technologies enhance customer interactions and predictive analytics, offering a personalized and proactive service.
Implementing AI:
AI technologies enhance customer interactions and predictive analytics, offering a personalized and proactive service.

Vision for the Future
Neil's vision extends beyond the current successes of Boatshed. He is committed to continuous innovation, exploring emerging technologies to further refine the yacht buying and selling experience.
His goal is to maintain Boatshed's position as a leader in the yacht brokerage industry, always a step ahead in adopting new technological solutions.

Boatshed HQ, The Engine House, Royal Clarence Yard, Gosport. UK

Headquarters and Global Presence
Located in Gosport, UK, a place renowned for its sailing and boating history, Boatshed's headquarters is a testament to the company's commitment to excellence in yacht brokerage. This location serves as the operational heart and symbolizes Boatshed's blend of local expertise and global reach.

Personal Philosophy and Lifestyle
At the heart of Neil's professional endeavors is his passion for sailing and a deep understanding of the boating community's needs. He maintains an active lifestyle, traveling to various Boatshed locations, ensuring that the company's ethos of high-quality customer service and local expertise is upheld globally.

Boatshed and NMK: A Synergistic Relationship
Boatshed forms a crucial part of NMK, a private company owned exclusively by Neil and his team. NMK, free from external funding, investment, or control, has been pivotal in developing the TIM platform that powers Boatshed. This innovative platform is now set to expand its horizons, integrating into other markets such as motor homes, plant and machinery, and light aircraft. For more information, visit

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