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The Engine House, Royal Clarence Yard, Weevil Lane,
Gosport, Hants. PO12 1AX

Hi I am Neil and thanks for looking at my profile page :)

I’m responsible for the initial business idea, development and the ongoing direction of the whole Boatshed Organisation. It is however the HQ team, our partners and licensees that have helped make Boatshed what it is today.
It seems to have worked and Boatshed is an organisation that is moving from strength to strength;

  • Over 70 international branches.
  • Over 800,000 registered buyers.
  • 290,000 Unique Web visitors every month.
  • Boatshed sells over 1000 boats each year.
  • And the market data shows we sell them twice as quickly as other brokers!

I grew up within a family business, at the tender age of 5, I was placing ballast in steel narrow boats in Staffordshire.

After my studies at college I joined my family to work full time in our family business, boat building by the early 80’s had transcended into the realm of catering and retail.

The family empire expanded into areas that included Hotels, property development, post office franchising and convenience stores.

In 1994 at the age of 26 I was lucky enough to get married to Mandy (I had known her since I was 16 but she never seemed to notice me before then??)
Mandy worked as a graphic designer and after we were married we owned an ancient 21 foot sloop called "Kymouthoe". This little sloop was old and leaked a bit, but we sailed to lots of places on the UK and Irish coasts for several years.

We purchased "Supertaff" a 1976 Rebel 41 ketch in 1996. We have cruised on-board the boat since 1998 and developed the Boatshed business to fund our love of sailing and adventuring aboard.
Here are some nice shots of Supertaff from a drone LINK HERE

The "Distributed Organisation" approach we have taken with this business means that we can use the technology to manage the core business, whilst still enabling us to keep visiting individual Boatshed locations to get the "ground truth" on what is going on at each location. This model enables us and the team to adapt and develop the business quicker and more effectively. This means the core processes of the business are operated from a variety of locations in the UK and internationally.

We also operate some areas of the business from our unique premises in Gosport, UK. The "Engine House" in Royal Clarence Yard was built in the early 18th Century to supply hydraulic power for this huge naval facility, serving Nelson and the British Navy for nearly 3 centuries.

2017 saw a major refurbishment of this building and it is a great venue for meetings and training plus a cool personal base for Neil and Mandy.
See History on Boatshed HQ HERE

What do I do at Boatshed?
My key focus revolves around the fact that Yacht Brokerage needs to offer high levels of customer care at a local level: buying a boat can be enormously stressful and sometimes a logistical headache (information quality, viewings, lift outs, dealing with local contractors etc). Boatshed’s high level of local customer service has to fit and interconnect with national and international customer and brokerage requirements. This blend of local and International, traditional and modern is the essence of what Boatshed is all about.
I also am actively involved with a range of international marine groups and initiatives such as British Marine and Asociación Nacional de Empresas Náuticas.

My knowledge of business coupled with my background in customer service combined with my passion to go sailing created
We are fortunate to have a great team at HQ to support us and our web based technology enables us to manage the business from a variety of locations around the globe.
Boatshed forms the main component of our NMK parent company, this business was built by Mandy and myself plus our old school friend Kevin.
NMK is a private company owned exclusively by the three of us and benefits from having no external funding, investment or control.
NMK has built and owns the TIM platform that powers Boatshed, NMK is now looking to integrate TIm into other product lines such as motorhomes, Plant and Machinery, light aircraft etc

If I can help with any information about the group or assist you further please get in touch.

Thanks for stopping by

Very best regards, Neil :)