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About Peter Barfield

What did you do before working with Boatshed?
My first computer was a Commodore Vic 20, as an 8 year old I was smitten with this box of light and sound that I could make do things by typing funny codes into. It was inevitable I’d turn my passion for computers into a career.

That’s included writing for computer game magazines, becoming a Computer Science BSc, designing and building award winning computers for a national PC supplier, then moving onto developing websites. It was after meeting Boatshed and understanding their vision I suggested how they might improve on their current basic Front-page home made website, one thing led to another…20+ years later we’re still working together alongside the team in my own internet solutions business; Cloud Construct.

What do you enjoy most about working with Boatshed?
Boatshed is keen to embrace new technology and constantly push forward, it’s a dream for any developer or IT person to work with people like that because things are always interesting and never get boring.

Neil Chapman's enthusiasm and passion for Boatshed has never waned and it’s a formidable driving force to keep us delivering great ideas and solutions.

Are you a motorboater or a sailor?
Not at all! A very stormy school trip by ferry to the Isle of Man persuaded me that the sea was too scary to spend much time near.

That said, I do enjoy hiring a small leisure boat whilst on holiday in warmer and calmer climes.

What was your first/most enjoyable/worst boating experience?
First and worst was the ferry trip.

After that I did some sailing lessons at school and nearly capsized the boat, I ended up getting to shore and dragging it back around the lake.

Most enjoyable - a friend took me out on his speed boat in Rhodes, Greece for the day. A few beers, sunshine, swimming - a fantastic day out.

Cloud Construct

Peter is founder and owner of Cloud Construct, a modern development agency that utilises the best web innovations to build elegant solutions for forward thinking businesses like have worked with members of the Cloud Construct team for over 12 years, we give them our highest recommendation

Neil Chapman (Boatshed Founder)

We build long lasting business relationships with people because we Listen and are Reactive to their needs. Our unbiased, clear and honest advice often comes as a breath of fresh air.

To learn more about Cloud Construct see our website

Our Process

We're here for the long term and do everything we can to ensure your business will be too.


A deep understanding of your requirements and problems is essential in designing a solution to fully meet your needs.

We start with a face to face meeting to talk in detail about what you wish to achieve from the project - what your objectives are, your target audience and how will we measure success.


We believe the success of a project is in the planning. Starting with wireframes and storyboards through to full system specifications. Drawing from our vast experience, huge amounts of thought and preparation go into designing a suitable solution.


We work tirelessly to deliver exceptional, high end solutions to meet and exceed your business goals.


We enjoy forging true, long term relationships with our clients. Our aim is to work with you to develop and nurture your solution by monitoring performance and evaluating how it could do even better. Our greatest success stories are born from continuous improvement.