The first Saturday,after we had been hauled out, we were invited for a happy hour with the other boat owners at the boat yard. After a short presentation of each other’s problems, one of the boat owners said to us that he believed that anything happens for a reason. He explained how his misfortunes with his boat had turned out to be quite a blessing in disguise,but we were not as easily convinced. Henrik said that he would be happy to support that theory if he could just tell him what good it would do him that he had a hole in his boat, a transmission that didn’t work, and batteries that wouldn’t charge!

The other boat owner just laughed, and three weeks later we’re no way nearer an answer. But on the other hand, things are rarely so bad that they aren’t good for something! So now that we have the boat hauled out, Henrik has started looking into some of the projects he’s wanted to do for a while. He’s been wanting to moving the raw water intake to the engine, as it’s in a locker right next to all the electronics, and he also wants to move the exhaust further up, since it’s now almost always under the water. We have given up on the original waterline long time ago, and the last time the boat was weighed, we had 2,5 tons of extra cruising weight on the boat! Sometimes if I come home with a new t-shirt, Henrik tells me to throw another one out, but when he says that I just remind him of his boxes with extra wires and spares - so it’s very unlikely that we can get enough weight off the boat, even though it means that Henrik needs to start making new holes in his boat!

This week we’ve had the repair guys start working on the boat, though we still don’t know who’s insurance are going to pay for the repairs. We can’t stay on the boat, when they sand down the fibreglass, so we’ve left the boat for a couple of days - and I musta dmit that I’m really looking forward to a break from the boat and the yard! We’ve been there for three weeks already, and even though time has been flown by, I’m about to reach my limit of how much more I can take. We’ve moved all the things from the front cabin into the main cabin where we also sleep, and on top of that Henrik is working on several projects, so everything is one big mess. We’ve had to be careful not to argue over the smallest things, and luckily, we’ve more or less succeeded with that! However, it will be wonderful with a couple of days of holiday, and hopefully we’ll return to an intact boat!