DeSotos 10th Annual fishing tournament 14th to 16th July

Boatsheds man on the ground reporting on one of Floridas largest fishing tournaments.

This year's event was "much bigger than 2005, bringing in bigger boats with the offshore boat entries. Last year there were only 30 boats, compared to a total of 77 boats, watch this space for next year.

9 boats made up the junior division (under 18 years old)
41 boats entered the inshore division.
12 in the nearshore division (up to 50 miles out)
15 competed in the offshore division (over 50 miles out)

The largest fish cought in this years tournament was a massive 237 pound warsaw grouper. Spectator comments: "You'll need a crane a pull that one out!
The weigh-in tent was packed with masses of spectators crowding round the fish being delivered to the dock by the fishing crews in souring temperatures of approx 100 degrees.

Capt Hank Williams and his crew on "Wet Willy" came third in the Nearshore division. Wet Willy Charters offers grouper and snapper fishing adventures from Southwest Florida, in his 28-foot custom built offshore commercial boat.
Contact Captain Hank for more info.
Wet Willy Charters for more info


1st: $5,000, Captain Chris Wiggins, Rock Bottom (also winner of Red Hoagland Largest Redfish, $1,000, 40-inch redfish)
2nd: $2,500, Captain Nathan Dahlman, Reel Shocker
3rd: $1,500, Captain TJ Stewart, Cast Away
4th: $1,000, Captain Will Carlton, Walk On
5th: $600, Captain Dennis Buckey, Sea hunt Fishing Team
6th: $500, Captain Brook Wallace, Playin' Hooky
7th: $400, Captain Brian Bower, Plan B
8th: $300, Captain Ashley Grant, Poonchaser
9th: $200, Captain Michael Mackie, Red Eye
10th: $100, Captain Cory McILwaine, Team Busch Fishing

1st: $5,000, Captain Steve Bertran, Braggin' Rites
2nd: $2,500, Captain Allan Engle, Marc VI
3rd: $1,500, Captain James Williams, Wet Willy
4th: $1,000, Captain Court Zoller, Derry N'

1st: $5,000, Captain Tommy Butler, Lucky Ledger (Outstanding Fish, 237-pound Warsaw Grouper)
2nd: $2,500, Captain Kenneth Cummins, Hooker (Outstanding Fish, White Marlin)
3rd: $1,500, Captain Chris Galati, Team Galati (Outstanding Fish, Sailfish)
4th: $1,000, Captain Glenn Gee, Buggin Out (Outstanding Fish, Swordfish)
5th: Prizes and entry into 2007 DeSoto Fishing Tournament, Captain Kris Sahr, Island Way