Boatshed report on the Dusseldorf Boat Show.
This month, the Boatshed team visited the Dusseldorf Boat Show.

I think the first thing that surprises you is the sheer size of this event, 16 halls that cover everything to do with, not just boating, but the water from paddle boards, canoeing, surfing, diving, dinghy sailing, small powerboat sailing, extras for boats and equipment, as well as bigger sail boats up to 70 feet and big power boats.

I think the other startling thing is to observe the sheer volume of people coming to the show and, without doubt, it refreshes one’s idea of how much interest there is in boating and the water generally. Clearly, lots of people will have written all sorts of reports. I figured that the easiest way to describe the experience was to show you some of the photographs that I took whilst I was there.

I hope these basic pictures capture some of the essence of this show.
It’s really reassuring to see, from a European perspective, the level of investment in the show, in terms of the facilities, boating lakes, surfing facilities, inclusion, visitor numbers etc.
To me this shows a much greater commitment to water and boating generally than I’ve seen at many shows in many countries across the world.
So exciting stuff and well done Dusselfdorf organisers :)