Hello Everyone,

I regret that I cannot be at the conference this week. However, my colleague Edward, from Boatshed Riviera, is available to answer any questions. or simply reach out to me via my profile at the bottom of this page.

Harnessing 25 Years of Expertise

With over 25 years of experience, Boatshed has perfected the art of detailed boat listings. Our platform provides high-quality photos, videos, and in-depth descriptions, ensuring potential buyers understand every nuance of each vessel. This attention to detail is crucial, especially in high-value transactions involving superyachts.

The Power of Detailed Photos and Videos

At Boatshed, detailed photos and videos are the backbone of effective listings. We capture both fixed elements and moving parts of the boat, offering a comprehensive visual understanding for all stakeholders. Whether it’s the intricacies of the engine room or the elegance of the interior design, our media ensures well-informed decisions.

Customised Access for Detailed Insights

We understand that superyacht owners are often sensitive about media access, particularly to their private spaces. Our innovative email registration system allows us to provide tailored access to specific information. This means only relevant stakeholders can view the necessary details. For example, captains can quickly access technical details about generators or complex electrical systems, while interiors specialists can focus on drape materials or curtain track loads. This level of controlled access ensures privacy while providing the precise data needed for informed decisions.

The Boatshed Coalition

Our new "Coalition" Approach is a game-changer in the marine sector. By fostering an open and collaborative environment, we bring together marinas, independent brokers, franchisees, marine suppliers, private sellers, boatbuilders, designers, and marine technicians. This coalition approach not only enhances the buying and selling process but also ensures that all members maintain their brand independence and benefit from shared income based on successful outcomes.

Higher Engagement and Superior Performance

Boatshed outperforms other yacht brokers, boasting 2 to 10 times more visitors than the largest yacht brokerage companies. Our listings receive up to 70% more views, with buyers spending nearly twice as much time exploring them compared to third-party sites. This higher engagement leads to more informed and serious enquiries, ultimately driving successful transactions.

User-Friendly Experience and Specialist Marketing

Our platform is designed for easy navigation, enabling users to delve deeply into listings and revisit them multiple times. We leverage targeted social media campaigns and SEO optimisation to attract serious buyers. Additionally, our clear data policy ensures transparency and trust, with secure tracking and analysis of buyer behaviour.

Simplified Commission Structure

Boatshed operates with an open and transparent commission structure. Our five main processes – finding a listing, handling local logistics, negotiating valuations, managing online contracts, and maintaining the platform – each receive 20% of the commission on a successful sale. This simple, secure, and lucrative model involves all coalition members and provides numerous tools and features to support their efforts.

Achieving Successful Outcomes Together

The Boatshed Coalition addresses long-term issues in the marine industry by focusing on successful outcomes. By making the customer journey easier and more collaborative, we encourage more people to engage with boating. When companies work together instead of competing, everyone benefits, leading to a thriving boating community.

Looking Forward

While my experience has been largely in the small boat sector, where I have had the privilege of selling over 30,000 boats, I am very excited to bring this expertise to the superyacht sector. I am passionate about the future of the marine industry and Boatshed’s role in it. Our commitment to excellence and collaboration remains unwavering. I would be delighted to offer my help and advice, or even sit on a steering committee in the future to support the industry’s growth and success.

Very Best Regards,

Neil Chapman
Founder Boatshed.com

Profile Page is here - http://www.boatshed.com/contact-neil-chapman

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