Meet Ardent Training

At Boatshed we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to ensure the process of buying and selling a boat is as easy as possible for our customers. In 2021 we introduced Friends of Boatshed, a collection of marine service providers who we believe could be useful to you when selling or buying a boat. From marine insurances and yacht registration to sail making and marine upholstery, today we would like to introduce Ardent Training.

Ardent Training was founded by a team of extremely experienced, professional sailors. After sailing some of the world's roughest seas and tricky coastlines, they returned home with a determination to teach others what they had learned along the way.

What sets Ardent Training apart is their attitude. Working in extreme places taught them that the “that will do” approach is not sustainable, and that you always need to strive for perfection. With that in mind, Ardent Training has developed an online learning platform that is adaptable to your unique learning style, providing you with options on how to learn from your own home. This is a platform built by sailors for sailors.

"Sailing - Taught from The Water - Learnt in Your Living Room"

Edd Hewett - Ardent Training

Ardent Training will bring their training from onboard their own yacht ‘Mipha’ to you via your computer, tablet, or smartphone. All their courses are presented online in video or text and pictures and physical charts, navigation tools and learning materials are sent in the post so that you can learn to navigate step-by-step. They will provide knowledge quizzes along the way, and an expert instructor will be on hand 7 days a week. You can even take the final assessment from home.

At we love the personal, innovative and result driven approach Ardent Training provides. If you are interested in starting off your tuition, or looking to take the next step, get in touch with Ardent Training’s friendly team to find out more about their courses. Contact Ardent Training.

Join our Friends of Boatshed scheme

If you are a Marine Service Provider who shares our ethos and who like us, put your customers' needs first then you could be joining our Friends of Boatshed scheme.

Joining our Friends of Boatshed scheme is free and based on the simple mutual understanding that we refer customers to you – and you refer customers to us! Find out more here or contact us directly to discuss how you can get involved.