What do you do if you have some old cinnamon and raisin bread which had dried out a little, some free range eggs, a tin of cream and a little milk? Make a decent winter pudding - which when its cold can be eaten in slabs as cake!

My mum taught me how to make this pudding and its pretty unhealthy but so delicious and always goes down well at a dinner party or for hungry sailors.

Small loaf of cinnamon and raisin bread, regular bread would be fine too
Butter or spread - enough to slater on the bread
3 Eggs
Tin of extra thick Carnation cream
Cup of milk
Soft dark brown sugar

1. Slice loaf and butter each side and lay in a cooking dish
2. Mix eggs, cream and milk and pour over until full
3. Leave for milk mixture to soak in and top up if necessary for approx 1 hour
4. Just before you place the dish into the oven, spoon the sugar on top (this will make a delicious caramel crust)
5. Cook for 1 hour on medium heat or until bubbling and the top is crusty.
6. Eat hot with cream or slice into slabs when cold.