This recipe uses raw beetroot which is in season now - for a crunchy crisp coleslaw which is such a vibrant colour, perfect for boating BBQ's.


3 uncooked beetroot
Red cabbage
Red onion
Red pepper
3 carrots
White cabbage
Chimi churri (with extra kick!)
2 table spoons of plain yoghurt
Fresh Coriander

1. Grate the beetroot, carrots
2. Slice finely the red & white cabbages
3. Slice the red onion, pepper and coriander
4. Add yoghurt, chimi churri
5. Stir well and serve

Chimi churri originates from Argentina and its made with ...
Olive oil
Red wine vinegar
Black pepper
Dried oregano

You can buy this from many major supermarkets in a jar , but its so easy to make yourself, and you can vary the kick!

This salad was developed over a few glasses of Argentine Malbec on anchorage just off Sherkin Island, West Ireland.