Listing your boat with Boatshed gives you international reach and long-term support – Boatshed has improved boat listing process to make it perform better.

Selling a boat is an emotional decision. It isn’t easy for an owner to part with much-loved boat, and this makes a boat seller more demanding than someone who sells a car or a computer.

Boatshed has improved the listing process to make it correlate to the ways in which buyers and sellers really think. Recognising that a boat sale can take a long time, we remove the names from the boats we list, protecting the identity of the owner. This means that owners can list their boats, and just leave them up for sale without any pressure for commitment – and this is a major change from the way boats are usually sold.

Then Boatshed’s online platform provides the widest possible exposure for the sale. Today, an increasing number of yacht sales come from abroad, and it is critical to reach potential buyers in Asia and Latin America as well as just around the corner from the port where the boat is docked. By maximising exposure, the owner can pick and choose just the right offer. If an offer isn’t right, the owner can just keep on sailing!

This ‘always on’ approach also allows far greater flexibility to buyer and seller. When it’s right on both sides, Boatshed will conduct the transaction, but only if it’s right.

One could argue that every boat is for sale all the time – that is, owners are always thinking about listing their boat, but don’t want to commit. With Boatshed, there’s no commitment, just the good feeling that if a great offer is out there, it will reach you so that you can consider it.

So, if you’re sitting on the fence about listing your boat, contact Boatshed here.