Have you heard of BoatBid?

BoatBid is a monthly online auction managed by Boatshed. Boats that are already advertised on our website are entered into the auction and buyers can bid with the confidence that any boat can be surveyed and sea trialled before they make the decision to purchase.

The whole process is handled by a Boatshed accredited broker as it would be if you bought the boat via Boatshed in the normal way.

Here is a little more information:

How long does the auction run for?
The auction starts on a Monday morning at 0900 GMT and runs until a Sunday evening at 1900 GMT.

What is the catalogue?
The catalogue is released one week before the auction starts, it's an online catalogue and all the boats that are entered into BoatBid will be displayed.

Selling your boat through BoatBid

How do I enter my boat?
Your boat can either be entered by completing the ENTRY FORM on BoatBid.com or go to My Boatshed.

What does it cost?
It's FREE! You will still have to pay the commission that you agreed with your Broker when you signed your listing agreement, but there is no extra cost to enter the boat into BoatBid.

Can an offer be accepted before the auction starts?
YES, if an offer has been accepted before the auction starts we will remove the boat from the auction.

Can the boat be removed from the auction?
Once the auction starts your boat has to remain in the auction.

How do I know if there are any bids on my boats?
When the auction ends you will receive an email letting you know whether your boat has received any bids.

Why should I use BoatBid?
It's FREE and it's another marketing tool to help promote your boat.

Buying a boat through BoatBid

Do I have to be registered to place a bid?
YES, you must be registered with Boatshed before you can place a bid on a boat.

How do I make a bid in the auction?
Just go to BoatBid.com and click on the latest catalogue, find the boat you are interested in and then click on the place bid button. Enter the amount you would like to bid and submit (each bid must increase by a minimum amount set individually for each boat).

What happens if someone makes a higher bid?
If you are outbid you will receive a notification either by email or text.

What happens if someone makes a last minute bid?
To ensure that everyone has a fair chance of placing the winning bid, the auction end time will automatically extend by 10 minutes when a bid is placed within the closing stages of the auction, this will continue until no more bids are received for 10 minutes.

Can viewings be conducted whilst the auction is running?
YES, you can view the boat whilst the auction is live.

If I see a boat in the auction, can I buy it directly rather than through the auction?
NO, any offers/bids must be made through the auction whilst it is running.

Do I have to pay anything to bid in BoatBid?
NO, it's free for you to bid.

Does the normal Boatshed sales process still apply?
YES, the normal sales process still applies, handled by one of our accredited Boatshed brokers.

Can I still have a survey/sea trial?
YES, you can carry out any inspections before purchasing the boat. The Boatshed broker will ask you to sign a sale and purchase agreement and pay a deposit before any inspections can take place.

There is an auction running at the moment so if you are looking for a boat to buy you can view the catalogue HERE.

Remaining Auctions for 2022

  • 31st October to 6th November
  • 5th December to 11th December