Staying safe at sea is always a hot topic and with the boating season underway, now is the perfect time to check your safety equipment. Sir Robin Knox-Johnston shares his thoughts on safety at sea as he chats with Dee Caffari in the third episode of 80 Seconds with Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

How has safety equipment fundamentally changed boating over the last 50 years?  What was it like circumnavigating the globe back in the 60’s without modern safety gear?  What item would Sir Robin not leave the pontoon without?  Discover Sir Robin’s witty thoughts as he shares insights into one of the most important boating subjects.

“Safety at Sea” will be available via the MS Amlin Yacht YouTube channel on the following link or just click on the video below.

To celebrate brand ambassador Sir Robin’s 80th birthday year MS Amlin Yacht have created a series of short 80 second videos to capture his experiences and share his knowledge with the boating community around the world.  A new episode will be released each month throughout 2019.

Paul Knox-Johnston – MS Amlin Yacht’s Business Development Manager said: “Sir Robin has so much experience to share with his lifetime on the water and to see how safety has changed during his time at sea is eye opening.”

You can watch the video series on the MS Amlin Yacht YouTube Channel ( or via our website (

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