Raritan Engineering says it has solved macerator mess

Servicing a macerator pump will make the most seasoned boat owner turn green. But, says Raritan Engineering, its new 53101 Macerator Pump with waste valve makes the job easier and far less messy. The pump disconnects from its own gate valve housing, keeping the waste in the discharge tube for minimal spillage and odour.

Unlike external ball valves that require space to operate, the Raritan waste valve assembly has an integrated valve. With moulded-in open and shut indicators on the housing, a turn of the hex head lever closes off the waste tube. A quick disconnect then allows the macerator to be removed from the assembly, says the company, which has made a demonstration video.

The pump’s 12 or 24V DC motor is ignition protected and encased in epoxy. It has a spring-loaded Viton shaft seal and stainless steel fasteners and a free flow rate of 41lpm and 24lpm.