So the 9-5 weekdays drag is taking its toll? Looking for a challenge, a lifestyle change?

Why not join the growing number of people who are looking to Boatshed for a new direction in their career?

A Boatshed Business offers the opportunity to set up a boat brokerage business with direction and support from Boatshed HQ.

With over 34 Boatshed offices worldwide, Boatshed have developed a successful business formula that enables the Boatshed owner to capitalize on the existing brand awareness and make a quicker return on their investment.

Boatshed founder Neil Chapman explains the idea behind the business.

"The Boatshed network enables us to have a core base of boat listings that are available to all our Boatshed business partners. This is a very important aspect of setting up a new business, as they already start with a bank of boats for sale.
"We are looking to appoint a number of locally based entrepreneurs that have the drive and motivation to work closely with us to make a success of their own Yacht Brokerage business with all the help and support of being part of the Boatshed family."
"We provide full training in all aspects of yacht brokerage from how to get the most out of the online listing system to photographic skills."

But why Boatshed?

Boatshed Poole owner Ian Welsh explains why for him, the option of starting his own brokerage business from scratch was not one he spent much time considering!

"I have always had an interest in boats since a young age, but had never entered the marine industry prior to starting up the franchise. I was looking for a change in career, the challenge that starting your own business gives, but without the many pitfalls that can occur when starting your own business from scratch.
The Boatshed business package allowed me to do what I do best which is interacting with customers and selling boats.
If you have the ability to think on your feet and are motivated to make a real success of your business then Boatshed may be for you."

Talking to the Boatshed business owners, a common thread soon emerged. They did not so much view their business as simply that of salesmen, but as being able to combine a genuine interest in boats with a viable business plan.

Peter Watt – Boatshed Portsmouth added “I tend to get some grief from friends who are perhaps doing jobs that don’t give them the job satisfaction that mine does – I can honestly say that it doesn’t feel like going to work for me!”

“It is a very sociable job, you meet so many people from different walks of life. The Boatshed network also enables you to share information with other owners and so avoid many scenarios through a ‘lessons learnt’ approach!”

“ Starting from scratch without the support of Boatshed would have been a daunting prospect, but what is offered is a ‘turnkey’ package – the opportunity to walk in and start.”

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