If you are a boat owner, the current market conditions have never been better if you are willing to take a unconventional approach to boat ownership and regard you floating pride and joy as an ‘asset’ rather than an extended ‘member of the family’.

Neil Chapman from Boatshed explains:
I often talk about the ‘boat ownership reward curve.' Boat ownership comes with its ups and downs as we all know.
Give me a glorious summer day reaching across the Channel in 15 knots of pleasant breeze onboard my ketch Supertaff and I’m right at the top of the boat ownership reward curve, but come mid-January when the boat is in need of a new steering parts, and yet another antifoul job and it’s fair to say I am towards the bottom of the curve!

The point is that the appeal of our boats goes up and down over time and depending upon our individual circumstances – the number of boats parked-up in marinas and on rivers for long periods of time each year is testament to that. They were all loved once; still are at certain times, but their appeal to their owners understandably goes up and down throughout the ownership journey; hence the ‘boat ownership reward curve’.

As a yacht broker and boat owner I recognise that reality. So, why not have you boat advertised for sale all the time on the basis that you will consider any offer that is made, but (and here’s the neat bit) you will only sell when/if it so suits you to do so; ie when your boat owning experience is, perhaps, towards the bottom of the curve?

Why not be able to invite offers just in case you decide to sell at some point? In other words, think of your boat as an asset, make it work for you.

If someone makes the right offer at the right time you may choose to go ahead and sell. Or the offer might arrive when you are back at the top of the curve, loving the boat so that selling is the last thing on your mind.

At Boatshed we give owners that choice, without putting them under any pressure to actually sell.

We will photograph, video and market your boat using the full suite of Boatshed tools and techniques, free of charge.

We do this anomalously without revealing boat names so that only you and us will know that your boat might be for sale.

You just keep on sailing and if we receive an offer we pass it on to you to consider, or not, as you prefer. We will happily decline any offer on your behalf if you are not ready to sell and just keep on marketing the boat until you might be.

I love my boat: had it for years and sailed thousands of miles in it.
I doubt I’ll ever sell it – well, not for years anyway – but you never know?

If someone happened to offer me the right price at just the right time I might sell and step up to the that Swan ketch I keep looking at.....or I might not.

The point is with this Boatshed service, the choice would be entirely yours.

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