The Marine Inspection Association (MIA) is a group of like-minded yacht brokers and surveyors involved in the inspection, sale and purchase of second-hand sail and motor boats, throughout the UK and overseas.

An Independent Pre-sale Assessment (IPA) can be undertaken by a MIA surveyor and is one of the most effective methods of making a vessel stand-out from a crowd when comparing with other similar boats available for sale.

As well as having a Boatshed Broker physically visit every boat listed, where they take photographs and video footage of everything onboard (good and not so good in some cases). We also offer sellers the opportunity to undertake an Independent pre-sale assessment of their boats. This does not replace the buyer's survey.

It is very similar to the once over you could have from a vehicle breakdown agency if you were considering purchasing a used car, however in this case, it's the seller not the purchaser who chooses to have the IPA undertaken.

Advantages to a Buyer of an IPA report

  • The invaluable reassurance that a vessel advertised for sale with an IPA report has already been given a preliminary, structured, once-over inspection by an independent, expert marine surveyor, who is knowledgeable about second-hand yachts and motor boats and what to be wary of, and to look out for, when buying.
  • The confidence to proceed with a boat viewing, knowing that what is reported in the IPA fairly represents the boat the buyer will travel to see and is interested in.
  • Real savings of time and money in the boat buying process - buyers waste less time viewing unsuitable, disappointing boats and, generally, will pay less for a full condition survey undertaken by a surveyor who has already carried out a preliminary inspection and prepared an IPA report.

If you would like to read more about IPA's please visit the Marine Inspection Association website.