With its international reach, cutting-edge technology and improved processes, Boatshed consistently sells boats faster and at greater value. Boat and yacht sellers often choose a broker based largely on the rate of commission. But a low commission rate can hide poor performance.

Boatshed consistently sells boats faster, and at a higher value. So we charge the standard industry rates of commission? You, the seller, wind up with more money at the end of the sale.

Clearly, you want a broker to be able to sell your boat fast and at a high value, so the rate of commission is only part of the story. With Boatshed, you are never under any obligation to accept a deal. If you think you can do better elsewhere, or if you are simply not happy with the offer, Boatshed will simply charge you nothing.

Boatshed works on the basis of ‘no sale, no fee.’ This is a huge improvement over what many other brokers propose. You also retain the right to sell the boat privately, either doing it yourself or via another channel. And Boatshed will only sell if buyer and seller are in perfect agreement on all points.

All of this makes a vast difference to the value the buyer receives, and, as a result, to the commission we take. Better value for the seller is why Boatshed asks for a little more than some other "discount" brokers.

Boatshed provides better value in a number of ways. Our sales process reaches a much wider group of potential buyers through our cutting-edge online technology. That same technology ensures that the sales process remains completely transparent, and under your control. And, because we are committed to your complete satisfaction, you are free to get the offer that best corresponds to your needs.

All of this means getting far better value in a listing with Boatshed? Why not contact us here.