Yamaha signs 5-year supply deal with Italian shipyard

Yamaha Motor Europe has signed a new five-year outboard supply agreement with Italian shipyard Salpa Nautica.

The partnership will see Yamaha exclusively supply outboard engines to Salpa Nautica for the shipyard’s range of open boats over the next five years. Models that fall under the agreement include the new Avantgarde 35 and RIBs, ranging from 42 to 18 feet and 850 to 40 horsepower. The outboard engines in use include the XTO 425hp V8 and V6 engines in the Premium segment, a wide range of the High-Power segment (200hp – 90hp) and the 40hp Supreme.

Salpa Nautica was established in Naples in 1984 and first began operating as a Yamaha dealer in 1987.

Yamaha Salpa Nautica

Eight years after entering the RIB market, Salpa Nautica has put increasing emphasis on the RIB and open boat hulls market, which the shipyard says has driven a boost in both production and turnover.

Yamaha Motor has recently launched their latest V6 300/250/225hp engines, which the company says bring smoother and more controlled steering to large single engine and multi-outboard vessels. This is attributed to the Digital Electric Steering (DES) and Helm Master EX that is now available across engines in the Premium and High-Power segments, from the XTO 425hp V8 to the 150hp outboard engines. DES is said to offer minimal steering feedback, which is most beneficial with larger, cruising vessels with high horsepower output.

Antonio Pane, managing director of Salpa Nauticam, says: “While this new agreement is certainly exciting, it marks only our latest venture together, continuing a decades-old partnership that has always meant great satisfaction for our stakeholders as well as our customers.”

Yamaha Salpa Nautica

Fabrice Lacoume, marine director at Yamaha Motor Europe, adds: “Today’s announcement marks the next leg of our shared journey, which will see Yamaha Motor Europe provide the Neapolitan shipyard with the finest technology in marine propulsion systems, such as Helm Master EX control and the Premium range of Outboard engines.”

Earlier this year, Yamaha expanded its outboard model range with an eye on the smaller boat market. In April, MIN reported that Milan-based shipyard Lomac Nautica is partnering with Yamaha Motor to provide a new integrated rigging and outboard solution for its inflatable boats.