Last week Yacht Brokers caused a stir when we sold 24 boats in one day!
This week there is another Boatshed record to shout about; 124 boats sold in a month!
Why so many boats? we asked Neil Chapman founder of

"Generally we sell 2 to 3 boats each day and our record over the years has been a total of 8 in a day or 93 over a whole month.
Since April 2009 we have managed to close over 100 boat deals each month. And last month, we sold 24 boats in one day and at close of business on 31st July had sold a total 124 for the whole month!" said Neil

"It's great news and also very interesting to see the amount of work and effort that goes into each sale. Firstly we visit each boat, meet every owner, take up to 70 detailed photos, record up to 200+ pieces of inventory, upload all this information to the web, monitor thousands of webviews, profile clients who's requirements match each boat, physically show each boat, negotiate offers, arrange and attend surveys, liaise regarding sea trials, secure funding or loans, deal with title and ownership transfer, distribute funds and monies, help with transport and delivery logistics. Multiply all these jobs by 124 and let’s face it, Were real busy!"

So what’s the Boatshed secret Neil other than lots of hard work ?

"Transparent information, lots of photos, Brokers who visit each boat, knowing our vendors, accurate pricing data, lots of internet exposure, , good design and simplicity of systems, excellent communication, good people good people good people !"