Boat For Sale Parking.

A Flexible storage solution, working in partnership with marinas and yards, designed for customers selling their boats.

Boatshed offers an innovative approach to storing boats for sale that boosts activity at marinas and yards, plus offers savings and flexibility to boat owners.

For boat sellers:
You own a boat and are trying to sell it? You still have to keep your boat in a marina or yard, but making the kind of long-term commitment that marinas or yards generally ask for is awkward.

For marina and yard operators;
If you manage a marina or yard there are often times during the year when you have excess capacity that could be filled on a short term basis.

Boatshed, the world’s largest brokerage whose innovations have radically disrupted the industry, offers a new approach allowing boat sellers to park their boats on a monthly basis in marinas and yards during quiet periods. The marina may also offer a preferential rate for storage using this flexible approach.

Win-Win for Boat Sellers, Marinas, Yards
It’s a win-win approach for sellers and marinas: The former gain flexibility when selling and the latter fill any excess space and earn more revenue.
And of course, it helps Boatshed to sell more boats faster!

Here’s how it works:

The marina or yard offers a fixed price for boats on a per-metre basis, in the water or ashore, on a month by month basis, working with the local Boatshed offices to set availability and logistics.

Flexible time scale for sellers:
Under the Boat for sale parking scheme, the marina, yard or the boat owner may cancel the arrangement at any time, subject to a 30 days notice period, the boat may then be moved, or an alternative storage rate offered by the marina or yard based on increased demand.
The easy cancellation terms offer extensive flexibility to both owners and marinas or yards during the selling process.

Boats must be actively for sale with Boatshed. Boatshed also provides monthly specific reporting regarding each boat to the marina or yard. Reports include details of price reductions or potential sales, this information can be used to manage potential demand.
The scheme also gives marinas and yards the ability to promote a new long-term mooring contract with the new owners of a boat when it sells, plus offer lifting for survey or movements to buyers to create extra revenue opportunities.

Additional ways to work with Boatshed;
There are a number of additional opportunities in addition to "Boat for sale Parking" offered by the Boatshed platform that can help marinas, yards and boat owners.

"Refer a Boat"
Take advantage of our "Refer a Boat" scheme and earn 20% of the brokerage commission see HERE

"Friends of Boatshed"
Our "Friends of Boatshed" scheme means Boatshed promotes your marina/yard to it's database of over a million registered customers.
This unique online enquiry system drives relevant clients (plus full details of the boat they are looking to buy) to a limited number of "Friends of Boatshed" companies.
The scheme generates lots of enquiries during the important "research phase" that Boatshed customers undertake during their boat buying journey.
"Friends of Boatshed" has generated thousands of quality business enquires over the past 12 months and is available at no cost for our chosen partners.
Find out more about marine companies we love to do business with HERE