Park Your Boat for Sale:
A Flexible, Money Saving Arrangement with Marinas

Boatshed again disrupts the brokerage industry with an innovative approach that boosts profit at marinas and offers savings to boat owners.

Suppose you own a boat and are trying to sell it? You still have to keep your boat in a marina, but making the kind of long-term commitment that many marinas ask is awkward.

Suppose, on the other hand, you manage a marina. There are always times during the year when you have far too much excess capacity.

Boatshed, the world’s largest brokerage whose innovations have radically disrupted the industry, offers a new approach allowing boat sellers to park their boats in marinas during these periods without agreeing to berth for long periods. The marina also offers a preferential rate for the berth.

Win-Win for Boat Sellers, Marinas, Yards

It’s a win-win approach for sellers and marinas: The former gain flexibility, and the latter fill empty space and earn more revenue. And of course, it helps Boatshed to sell more boats faster.

Here’s how it works:

The marina or yard charges a fixed price for boats on a per-metre, per day basis, in the water or ashore, working in partnership with offices;

Flexible time scale: Either the marina, the yard or the boat owner may cancel the arrangement with 30 days notice;

Boats must be under a Brokerage agreement with Boatshed which manages the arrangement -- Boatshed ensures transparent pricing, and there is never any markup by Boatshed offices.

Boatshed provides monthly reporting on brokerage activity and price reductions to the marina or yard manager. Boatshed prides itself on complete transparency in its entire sales process, and the detailed reporting enables marina or yard managers to understand how the brokerage activity has worked, changes in price, number and types of viewings, offers, survey etc.

Bonuses for Marinas, Yards and Boat Owners
There are a number of additional bonuses for the marina or yard manager, as well as for the boat owner.
When a boat is sold to a new owner, the marina can immediately take advantage to promote a long-term, full-price mooring. When periods of excess capacity end, marinas and yards can ask the boat owner to move to standard storage rates by making use of the short notice period.

The easy cancellation terms offer extensive flexibility to both owners and marinas or yards.

Owners can also move their boats easily if they so desire.

Whether you manage a marina or own a boat for sale, learn more about Boatshed’s Park Your Boat for Sale by contacting Neil Chapman at Boatshed HQ.