Why am I unable to see the photos of a boat?
You need to be registered with either BoatBid or Boatshed to view the extra photos. If you are already registered then log in using your email address. If you are a Boatshed customer you will need to create a password to use on the BoatBid website. If you are not registered then please complete the details on the form and click the register button at the bottom. Once you are logged in click on the link or main picture to the see the extra photos. You may need to refresh the boat details page first (ctrl and F5 or click the refresh button).

I’d like more information and to arrange a viewing on the boat. Who should I call?
Contact the Boatshed listing broker whose name and number and email address are on the listing. He or she has visited the boat, taken up to 80 photos, prepared the detailed description of the boat and is the person who will arrange a viewing.

Can I make an offer on the boat before the auction?
All boats in the BoatBid auction are for sale and listed with Boatshed.com. They are available for purchase at any time. Contact the listing broker.

Why do I need to register to bid?
Registration is required to confirm that buyers are serious so that Boatbid is a credible and effective auction for both buyers and sellers.

When can I register?
You can register to bid after the auction catalogue has been released (see www.boatbid.com for release dates) and you will be able to register to bid right up to the end of the auction.

Where do I click to place a bid?
At the start of the auction a link will appear next to the picture of the boat in the catalogue inviting you to place a bid. The bidding screens will only be available after the start of the auction and can only be accessed if you are a registered bidder and are already logged in to BoatBid. Otherwise the screens will default to the bidder login or registration page.

I’ve tried to place a bid but keep getting an error message -- what’s wrong?
Have you confirmed the Bid? The most likely problem is that the software cannot recognize your bid. Do not use currency symbols – the currency the boat is being auctioned in is already set and we can only accept bids in that currency. If you wish to enter a bid of $55,000 ensure the currency symbol in front of the bid box is $ and then enter 55000 into the box.

Why does the bid amount change to something else when I enter an amount?
Each bid needs to be a certain amount higher than the previous bid. This amount differs for each boat to ensure a reasonable rate of increase for each boat. The bid amount will default to this if you put an amount in which is lower than the last bid plus the bid increment price.

Is there a reserve price and what is it?
All the boats in the auction have a reserve price. The reserve price is set by the seller and is known only to the seller and the organizers of the auction. We have only selected boats for BoatBid which have realistic reserve prices -- in many cases substantially lower than the price advertised on Boatshed.com. In the event that the bidding does not meet the reserve price the highest bid will be communicated to the owner who may accept that bid or seek to negotiate further.

What is the starting bid price?
It is the price at which the bidding commences. We set this value to start bidding at a realistic level. The starting bid price is not the same as the reserve price.

What happens if I place the highest bid?
Reserve met: if your bid has met or exceeded the reserve price then you've taken the first step toward buying a boat! The procedure is exactly the same as if you had made an offer on the boat via Boatshed.com. Your Boatshed broker will prepare a standard Purchase and Sale Agreement for sale. See details on “Buyer’s Guide” page.

Reserve not met: if your bid did not meet the reserve price then we will still forward it to the seller, and it is possible that a mutually acceptable price can be negotiated.

What about survey and sea trials?
When the Purchase and Sale Agreement and deposit are in place the
normal Boatshed.com sales process proceeds. We always recommend a

How can I enter my boat into BoatBid?
Click this link to enter your boat: Boat Auction Entry Form

What does it cost to enter my boat into BoatBid?
All the boats in the BoatBid auctions are listed with their local Boatshed broker. The commission agreed between the seller and the broker remains the same when a boat is entered into BoatBid and we do not make any additional charges.

Why won’t the password you sent me work?
The computer-generated alphanumeric passwords can be a bit difficult to type -- the easiest way to ensure that it is input correctly is to “copy and paste” it directly from the email we send you into the password box. Once you've logged in you’ll be able to change the password to something easier if you wish. If you have problems with your password please forward any password emails we have sent you along with an explanation of the problem to boats@boatshed.com and we will look into it and respond.