Boatshed at Volvo Race HQ

In the nautical business the old saying “It's who you know” runs true.
A good friend of Boatshed, Lisa Marie Wood, is one of the race officers in charge of the current Volvo Race.
Lisa invited Boatshed down to Volvo Race HQ for a special visit to see how things work.
Technology is the focus, all aspects of the boats, crew and race are monitored via Volvo HQ in Southampton.
Full details on weather conditions, boat speed, position and a host of other information is beamed back and monitored via large displays in race control.
“We were able to see live photographs and video footage as it was sent directly from the boats racing!” reports Neil Chapman from Boatshed, clearly in his element surrounded by a host of screens and servers.

Thanks for your great hospitality Volvo, superb set up!