As if getting a good wine at the local shops wasn't hard enough think of what makes a really special one?
Any ideas?

Well this Particular bottle of Port wine to start with was produced in 1926! Yes that’s 80 years old, sharing the same birthday with the Queen.

This particular bottle has also travelled in the great traditional delivery mode by sail boat from the land of Portugal, of course where else makes the best! Protected by an oak cork casing, yet another traditional Portuguese product made by Amorim Cork, specially designed for the Queens bottle.

Josh Flavell of and Ricardo Diniz founder of the project ‘made in Portugal’ sailed through 50 knot + winds up along the coast, across the Bay of Biscay and up the Channel arriving in London on Saturday to deliver the bottle at Buckingham Palace in the afternoon.

The Bottle is a present from the people of Portugal to the Queen in a continuation of the old alliance between Portugal and Britain and was very gratefully received to be enjoyed at her majesty’s pleasure, minus the bars.

To find out more or re-trace the voyage step by step sail to GO Portugal
Plenty of interesting news and pictures.