We love to work with influencers and this is how we can help :)

Boatshed are very happy to work with nautical you-tubers and bloggers.

We love symbiotic relationships. We all love boats and we need each other :)

We grew up running a business on board, so we know the challenges of funding the boat habit while afloat and on the move.

Talk to us about how we can help you.

Some examples of how we can help.

Starlink Broadband - We will pay for your airtime - Just supply the kit and we will pay the monthly airtime or a large proportion of it on your behalf. Online and at sea, the stuff we could only dream about a few years back !

Referaboat.com - Simply introduce any boat for sale via a custom referral link and we will do the rest.
When the boat sells we will automatically send you up to a 20% share of the commission we receive. (approx up to 2% of boat value based on our standard commission rate of 10%)

Boatshedphoto.com - Take photos of a boat for us and we will pay you for all the photos and video you collect. (100 - 1000 US Dollars per Boat)

It runs both ways - we share your content with our customers too!
Access to our social feeds and 1.3 million customers.

Lots of data
25,000 Boats sold so far. We are happy to help and share our photos, data and experience gathered over 24 years of selling boats on the web.

More info ?
Contact support@boatshed.com