Back in March we chatted to Jeanne Socrates. Jeanne holds the Guinness World Record as the Oldest Person to sail single-handedly around the world and later this month will be attempting her third solo non-stop circumnavigation of the World. (Jeanne is 74 years young!)

When Jeanne was 70 years and 325 days old she completed a solo, unassisted and non-stop circumnavigation of the world in Victoria, B.C., Canada, on 8 July 2013, after 258 days 14 hours 16 minutes and 36 seconds at sea in her 38-ft monohull "Nereida".

We caught up with Jeanne to ask her a few questions....

BS: If you were on a desert island, who would you take with you? and why?
JS: ​Sorry - can't think of any particular person I'd like to have along... unless it was some 'survival' expert (preferably without a big ego)....!​

BS: Jeanne, what is your first memory of ​yachting?

​ JS: A lovely sunny week​ of good wind in June 1994 on a Sigma 33 in the Solent doing a Comp Crew course out of UKSA, Cowes. Prior to that, my first time in any kind of boating was in 1990 - a mix of windsurfing, dinghy-sailing and canoeing during a week in Argeles, South France, ... a totally inappropriate place for learning, with offshore winds every day! But got me started in windsurfing which I later enjoyed a lot.

BS: What has been your best experience on a boat?

JS: Sailing in the Southern Ocean with albatrosses gliding close by.

BS: What has been your worst experience on a boat?

JS: An unexpected strong front coming through in the night as I was crossing the S.Atlantic towards S. Africa- wind rose to 60kt or more and backed from NW to SSW in seconds, backing the main (on preventer, TG!) and giving big seas from both directions.

BS: What's your favourite anchorage and why?

JS: Have several small ones in Sea of Cortez - beautiful, isolated, protected from prevailing winds, great snorkelling.

BS: If you could only do one voyage, where would your destination be? why?

JS: Around the Pacific - so many lovely islands to visit, with friendly people.

BS: Who is your personal hero or heroine?

JS: Ellen Macarthur

BS: What would you say your best or worst advice received was?

JS: "If you're thinking about reefing, do it... If you're thinking about letting out a reef, go have a cup of tea....!"

BS: What is your favourite boat and why?

JS: "Nereida", my Najad 380. I know her well, she's comfortable, sails beautifully and is just the right size for me to manage safely in strong conditions.

We will be following Jeanne's progress through her blog. Why don't you follow her too?