Not to be out done by the Spainish, the French too, had this weekend earmarked for the start of a great race; the famous Transat Jacques Vabre.

Again the weather systems providing enough wind for an interesting beginning, first for the Monohulls on Saturday the 5th and then the Multi's on Sunday.
With all the top names facing the same weather in what has already proven to be quite an exciting event over the last 72 hours.
With the multihulls seaming to have taking a greater pounding, 4 forced to abandon the race to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil and return to the familiar sights and sounds of France.

Brossard with a large crack appearing in the deck stemming from the mast base.

Trimaran 'Fonica' ,skippered by Armel Le Cléac’h & Damian Foxall, capsizing this morning during the passage of the 2nd cold front during which Damien seems to have broken his collar bone.

Thomas Coville and Jacques Vincent on 'Sodebo' having been dismasted and begun the slow trip via tow to Brest by local fishermen.

More detailed information is available at the official TJV website available via visiting our links page on the Boatshed Performance site, dedicated to the brokerage of racing boats in partnership with Owen & Clarke design, Merf Owen is racing on Artforms with Kip Stone in the Open 50's Class.

It is sure to be one to watch for the next few weeks!

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