We've had several questions from interested readers that are looking to do the Atlantic crossing, so here's some of what Signe & Henrik experienced on Capibara their Allegro 30.

How did your water supply cope? How much water did you carry & how much was left?
We can carry 200 litres in the tank and we had an extra 100 litres in tanks, so around 300 litres in total. Our water maker didn't work, so we were very careful with the water - and also too careful it turned out. We only used half! For drinking water we bought 30 x 1.5 litre bottles, plus smaller water bottles and cans of soda. We drank approx 1.5 litres per day, plus more with water in food.

Did you eat all the licorice?
Yes, pretty much I'm afraid, which is probably the reason why none of us lost any weight on the passage as everyone else seems to do.

What technical problems did you have?
We had problems with the engine that it was taking in air. 2 out of 3 batteries died and our Iridium phone wouldn't work. Otherwise we were good.

You made lots of frozen meals, did you have to throw any away because of problems with charging your batteries?
We managed to keep the freezer going the first three weeks, though we sometimes shut it down. It was our main priority to keep the food cold. Every time we charged our batteries with the engine, we turned it up.

What would you do differently?
I would make sure to download some more books for my kindle. I didn't have enough. And maybe shower more often. It always made me feel really good.

Would you take crew?
No. We think the boat is too small for crew, and I think it would be exhausting to make sure another person was comfortable. I think though there's a difference between friends sailing together or if your a couple taking on a crew member. As a couple I would prefer sailing alone. Especially on a 30 ft boat!

How was the fishing?
Very bad. We only caught one fish, but lost all of our fishing hooks in the attempt to catch more. We heard of others though, who had a lot of success. Maybe we are just badly skilled!

What was your favourite food for trip?
Almost everything I had made, we enjoyed. I made bolognese for spaghetti, chilli con carne, lasagne, thai curry for rice, chicken and vegetables for fajitas and chicken with ratatouille for wraps. That worked really well.

Did you swim?
Wouldn't dream of it! We heard of others who did, though.

Was it what you expected?
No. We had expected 30 degrees sunshine and comfortable winds, and that we would stay mainly in the cockpit. Mostly the weather wasn't very good, and 0-80 percent of the time, we were down below.

What sail configuration did you have most of the time?
We had to change it a lot, because of the changing winds, but we tried to mainly sail with twin headsails.

How did you steer most of the trip? Self steering, by hand, autopilot?
We had a wind pilot, which we wouldn't live without!

Anything that would help others? Lessons learnt?
Make sure you bring decent food, extra food, and entertainment. Be careful not to make to many arrangements about talking to your family while at sea. Our families were really worried, when they couldn't contact us after the Iridium phone broke down. And if you have an SSB radio, then use it.

That's absolutely brilliant, very informative and congratulations, you are now ocean cruisers