Saturday, 01 February 2014

We've always had difficulties leaving a place, whether we’re at anchor or in a marina. There’s always something we ought to do, or another restaurant or boat to visit. We arrange to leave in the morning, and before the boat is ready to leave, another day has gone by.

It was like this when we sailed in the Mediterranean, and it is the same here. This behaviour is called different things: You have swallowed the anchor or you’re a marine-animal, if you’re too long in a marina. Both descriptions fit us.

One month in Rodney Bay
Apart from a few days in Marigot Bay, we've been in Rodney Bay for one month, either at anchor or in the marina. Our stay was prolonged because of the tragic circumstances that happened to our friends, but as a result of our long stay, we have gotten to know a lot of people, since many cruisers came by to express their concern and offer their help - and a drink.

However, this had the result that if we weren't with Margaret, we were with somebody else. In the end we were afraid that if we didn't leave, we would sit in Rodney Bay for the rest of the season drinking alcohol with the other cruisers!

We need a break
Even though we've been happy to be here for Margaret and grateful to be with the other cruisers, we now need a break from our social life. We haven’t been much alone for the past two weeks, and furthermore we don’t feel that our bodies can hold another drop of alcohol!

It’s so easy as a cruiser getting a drink or more every day, since it’s always Saturday, and you always meet friends, old ones or new ones, with whom you want to have a beer or a drink.

One guy said to us that he thought all cruisers were alcoholics. Maybe the cruisers can use the same answer as Keith Richards from Rolling Stones apparently gave, when he was asked, if he was an alcoholic: “I haven’t stopped drinking long enough to find out.”

It looks like the real Caribbean
As usual we left Rodney Bay almost a day later than planned, and we arrived in Bequia the following morning. Bequia looks a lot more like the Caribbean we crossed the Atlantic to see:

The water is clear, there are beautiful sandy beaches, and small restaurants along the bay looking out at the boats. Now we’re looking forward to relax, go swimming and snorkelling, and maybe take a break from the alcohol to see if we are having any health problems!

Blog & Photos by Signe Storr marine journalist and friend of Boatshed