We have now reached the end of our summer stay in New York. For little over three months we have belonged on a mooring on the Hudson River, and it’s been an incredible experience, but now we are also ready now to move on and see new things – and Henrik is also looking forward to start sailing again.

Tomorrow morning Sunday we will leave with the current out of the Hudson River and head towards Sandy Hook and then sail down the east coast until we reached the Delaware Bay.

From Delaware we can take a short cut into the Chesapeake Bay, where we hope to arrive in Annapolis and at the Annapolis Boat Show before the weekend. Unfortunately the weather isn't on our side, though. Not unusual for the season one low pressure after another is rolling up along the east coast, so our first aim is to get as far south as possible during the first 24 hours, when the weather is reasonable, and then find shelter to sit out the bad weather. Hopefully we can get to the Delaware after that, but it depends on Sunday’s sail.
I have to admit that I’m not particularly crazy about the prospect of a night’s sail on the
Atlantic on the first sail of the season. Furthermore, fall has arrived in New York now, so it will without a doubt be a very cold night! But of course, the faster we get south, the faster it will get warmer, so we have dug out all our foul weather gear and are looking forward to get going – or at least to get there!

Signe Storr - Freelance Journalist and friend of Boatshed