Although the weather in New York hasn't realised that it’s not summer anymore, our summer stay in New York is about to end. Even though we still have a month left, we're about to adjust to the fact that we're leaving New York and we're also looking forward to start sailing again and experiencing new things.

Sailing to New York has been one of the best experiences on our trip, and we're so happy that we chose a mooring on Manhattan instead of staying in a marina on the other side of Hudson River and being “bridge and tunnel people” (people who visit Manhattan via bridge or tunnel). Sometimes we're being tossed a bit around on the water, but our flopper stoppers has really been worth the money, and since Henrik put up foam on the side of the boat, it has prevented the mooring ball from banging into the hull when the current changes as well.

We also quickly got used to the long dinghy ride from the boat to the marina, even though we've been a bit discouraged the times we've been in the dinghy in counter current without oars and the engine failed to work. Luckily, friendly cruisers have always saved us! We've also managed not to drop anything into the water or fall in ourselves, even though Henrik nearly did it once. One of the bridges in the marina is very unstable, and one day he lost his balance and fell backwards, but luckily the dinghy was right underneath him. I of course thought it was hilarious, but it would have been an expensive laugh, since he had our computers in his backpack.

Our first month in New York, we were busy experiencing something new every day, but since then we've slowed down a bit. We're both come to the stage where we're about to be full, even though you never can never finish experiencing New York: There are always another museum, another exhibition, a restaurant you haven't tried, a show you haven't seen etc.

In the beginning I was almost stressed by the thought of getting through it all, but now I've realised that it’s just not possible. When I had a haircut the other day, my hairdresser told me that many New Yorkers don't even leave their neighbourhood, and most New Yorkers wouldn't dream of going cross town. So in that perspective, we've covered quite a lot! And we also very satisfied with what we’ve made of our stay. We've been at a baseball and American football match and we've seen Danish tennis player Caroline Wozniacki play U.S. Open.

I've learned how to tap dance, even though I need a lot more practice before I can perform on the streets – which might be necessary, because we have acquired a very expensive habit in New York: We never cook ourselves! It’s expensive being a cruiser in New York!

During our last month in New York we also have a trip back home included, and we're looking forward to seeing family and friends. I’m therefore having a break from writing, until we're ready to sail south in the beginning of October.

See you then!

Signe Storr Freelance Journalist and friend of Boatshed