To get to Washington D.C. by boat, you need to sail about a 100 nautical miles up the Potomac River and the same 100 nautical miles down again to get back. If you leave the boat in Baltimore or Annapolis instead, it will take you only an hour by bus or train to get there.

Of course, most people has recommended us to take the bus, which most people also do according to the number of boats we've seen on our way, but I still wouldn't be without arriving in Washington D.C. on our own boat!

In Washington D.C. you can anchor in Washington Channel in front of the marinas and in a walking distance from all the attractions in the city. For $10.00 USD a day, we've been able to use Gangplank Marina’s dinghy dock and facilities, which is – if not necessary then really nice – as we only have cold water and an outdoor shower on the boat. It’s beginning to get really cold, but Henrik has luckily got the heater working again after some complications in Annapolis.

In the Caribbean, our cold shower in the cockpit was OK, since it was warm, and when I washed my hair, I just jump in the water and first rinsed it in seawater and then in fresh water. In NYC we joined a gym, so the whole summer we didn't need a shower on the boat, but now it’s beginning to be a problem.

I've had a shower a few times on our way up to Washington D.C., when the water was heated a bit by the engine, but it’s only warm for 10 seconds, and then it’s just torture. Henrik has found a water heater online, which he can buy in Norfolk, where we should be in a week’s time, so now I can look forward to warm showers down the Intracoastal Waterway, even though it will be still be outside in the cold – and in public! At the same place he’s also finally found the pump he needs to get his water maker running, which we've needed since we left the Canary Islands a year ago.

For that reason it is also a bit foolish that he the other day ended up being the highest bidder on a water maker on eBay. He was sure that he wouldn't get it, but minus $2,500 USD later, we now have two water makers – but both of them apparently at a good price. Now I just hope that one of them is able
to produce water!

Signe Storr Freelance Journalist & friend of Boatshed