Electric drive system manufacturer eD-TEC has named e.battery systems (EBS) as its new battery technology partner and expects the first products of the partnership to be ready for market in the second half of 2023.

Based in Austria, EBS is a pioneer in the research and development of next-generation battery systems and is working with eD-TEC to design and implement a high-performance battery solution specific to the maritime industry.

The brainchild of Michael Jost, former chief strategy officer at the VW Group, eD-TEC is aiming to revolutionise the marine and yachting sectors with its holistic drive platform. The system includes the eD-QDrive plug-and-play stern drive unit, battery power pack, technology stack with full system architecture and control, and software elements that can incorporate existing systems monitoring and control to offer the ultimate in performance, comfort and ease of use.

Marine battery development

E-drive manufacturer eD-TEC says the partnership signals a new phase for marine e-propulsion with the development of high-performance maritime batteries.

E.battery systems is a spin-off of Akku Mäser based in Wolfurt. Founded in 2019 by Christopher Schöpf, the company positions itself as a technology leader in the field of lithium-ion technology. Through in-house developments, e.battery systems has technological advantages in the areas of manufacturing technology, battery cooling and energy storage systems (ESS). The products are used, among others, in electric vehicles, construction machinery or industrial plants of renowned manufacturers.

According to eD-TEC, it identified a ‘major problem’ in the marine market with a lack of marine-specific high-performance batteries, which combine high power, high capacity and low weight – all essential ingredients to ensure efficient e-propulsion that meets the demands of builders and end users.

With the automotive sector also in transition, the maritime sector often faces issues of battery availability. Applying EBS’s research and development knowledge to the marine sector in the new partnership with eD-TEC, the two companies are developing a new battery that is both conceptualised specifically for maritime vessels and which will be supplied to the maritime sector.

eD-TEC seeks to play a leading role in the transition to electrified boating, mirroring the transformation of the automotive sector.

The result, says eD-TEC, is a battery solution that offers high capacity, high power and high C-rate coupled to low weight and low volume, with advanced battery monitoring and control integrating into the vessel’s systems. eD-TEC says the new batteries will complete the advanced eD-QDrive system platform to create a complete, end-to-end drop-in eD-TEC drivetrain, and will effectively be the key that unlocks the future of an electrified marine market.

Product roll out

The first product of the partnership is expected to be ready for the market in the second half of 2023 – a bank of 100kWh, supplying more than 200kWc and weighing in at under 600kg. The new solution can be fully integrated and tailored to the needs of eD-TEC customers and the eD-TEC platform. The partnership with EBS will include the development of larger, modular battery solutions to meet the power demands of eD-TEC’s bigger drive installations which will be able to drive yachts up to 30 metres in length in a 2,400kW-combined, quad eD-QDrive installation with up to 400kWh battery capacity.

“The battery pack is a core component of the eD-TEC platform, and being able to develop our own eD-TEC-specific, cutting-edge solution completes the eD-QDrive technology stack (platform) and maximises its potential for the marine market,” says Jost. “The boat and trade shows at the end of 2022 also confirmed that while half the industry is looking for a drive solution, the other half is looking for batteries,” he adds. “EBS is a leading developer of battery technologies, and our partnership with them to develop high-performance, low-weight battery solutions for the maritime sector will play a transformative role in the marine energy transition.”

“Our exciting partnership with eD-TEC enables us to apply our expertise and research and development resources to an exciting new e-transportation sector, and to support eD-TEC in the development of their innovative e-drive system,” says Christopher Schöpf, CEO and founder of e.battery systems. “With the first product ready for market in 2023, we are already showing what is possible in a maritime-specific battery that offers a high C-rate in a low-volume, lightweight package – essential elements for marine applications. We are happy to work with eD-TEC.”

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